Welcome to the Summit Leadership Circle!

8 months agoJune 11, 2018
Thank you, Erica!!  Excited to continue working with you to aid in my personal and professional growth :)
Leslie Shevlin
8 months agoJune 13, 2018
Thanks Erica! I'm excited to have so many great partners to help push me and hold me accountable this year.
8 months agoJune 17, 2018
Thanks Erica! Looking forward to this year in so many ways, and having you and others by my side as I go through it all. Couldn't have made it to this point so far without you all.
8 months agoJune 28, 2018
Erica, i love that quote! Thank you for sharing. I'm so excited for this year, this group and the growth that will occur!
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